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"Well written, imaginative and a great way to spend a few hours." --Stacy Alesi,

Volume One: Offbeat Essays Exploring the Irony in the Ordinary

This is the first book in the Kindle series, Happy Accidents, Collected Essays of David Boyne. Other Kindle books in the series include, Inside My Three Pound Universe, X Marks the Spot, Resistance Is Futile!, and You Must Be Present to Win.

Buyer Beware: This book was written by David Boyne, not by David Sedaris. It is not snarky. It does not contain an essay on colostomy bags. No one is mocked, ridiculed, or humiliated. Except the author. Repeatedly.

Book Description, Happy Accidents

Quietly hilarious and deceptively meaningful essays that explore the irony in ordinary events. "Happy Accidents are going snap, crackle, and pop, all around us."

Whether we're getting a cup of coffee (HURRY UP AND WAIT), or choosing a bumper sticker for our car (MEAN PEOPLE SUCK), or parenting (DANCING IN THE STREETS), or brushing our teeth (BLACK TEETH AND BUBONIC PLAGUE), or watering our suburban yard (PLEIN AIR PEEING), there are happy accidents, both ridiculous and sublime, happening around us.

In HAPPY ACCIDENTS you will meet a buxom tattoo-covered barista, a 7-year-old boy giving dance lessons at a bus stop, dentists and Volvo mechanics sending their kids off to Harvard, a confused divorcee, and George of the Jungle--all going about their ordinary day while wrestling with deep philosophical questions, such as, "Is the world round, or flat?"

"Like those other two Davids, Dave Barry and David Sedaris, David Boyne analyzes life's minor truths and comes up with the uncomfortable (some might say, absurd) questions that may not topple governments, but do make life richer."
--Ken Callaway, Screenwriter/Composer

"These stories take you on a sardonic ride as curvy as it is bodacious. Sardonic, curvy, bodacious. Yeah, that's what I said."
--Julie Ann Weinstein, author of Flashes From the Other World

"These essays brim with profound insight. They are tales of ordinary life, extraordinarily observed. And they're funny. So funny you hardly know he's making you think 'til you catch yourself doing it."
--Patty Kadel, Cartoonist (

"Beautifully crafted, poignant, and humorous. Essays by David Boyne capture the magic in daily life, if we stop and pay attention. He reminds us that happiness, indeed, is not an accident."
-- Paula Margulies, author of Coyote Heart (

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